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Agreat marriage doesn’t just happen. It evolves.

Whether you’re engaged, contemplating engagement or you’ve been married for less than a year, our Engaged Encounter podcast series will give you the tools you need to build a great marriage.

We invite you to start listening to the first podcast now! Or scroll below the list of podcasts for more details and directions.

A Wedding is a Day — A Marriage is a Lifetime

Each episode below covers a topic that compels you as a couple to look deeper into your relationship. Some of the topics may include areas that you have not talked about, yet they are important and should be discussed with each other.

It would be most helpful to listen to the podcasts in order from 1-10 to get the most out of the experience. When you are ready, you can move on to the next episode at your own pace. Enjoy!

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Podcast 1: Introduction and Beginning Our Journey

This is the first in a series of podcasts that are important to your engagement and future married life.  Thousands of couples before you have attended these presentations in-person and found it to be beneficial.  We hope you and your fiancé will be able to listen to each of these episodes and experience the same benefits. It’s best to listen to them in order, as each builds on what you learned in the episode before it. This first episode will introduce you to the two couples who will be sharing their stories in these podcasts.  It also focuses on the beginning of your marriage journey together.


Podcast 2: Making the Decision to Love

Communication and trust are vital to your relationship.  This second episode talks about how you can always make the decision to love and how there are several different stages of love in any relationship. We hope you will listen closely to this podcast and come away knowing that you can choose to love your spouse, even if you don’t think they’re acting very lovable at the moment.



Podcast 5: Family and Friends

After talking about faith in the fourth podcast, this episode helps you consider your relationship as a couple with family and friends. Family and friends are an important part of our relationship, and the couples hosting the podcast will share some of their experiences with you in this fifth episode. You will see how the focus shifts from my family and friends to our family and friends.



Podcast 6: Planning and Finance for Engaged Couples

Building on the foundation of the first five podcasts, including the last podcast that reminded us how relationships with our family and friends will change as your wedding day approaches, the sixth episode deals with planning and finances as a couple. This important podcast helps you consider how you can work together to prioritize and decide what is important to both of you. You will need to use worksheet 6.3 during this podcast. If you haven’t already downloaded it, please take a moment to do so now. We encourage you to be open to each other’s thoughts and feelings on this topic and to listen carefully to this podcast.




Podcast 7: Coping with Change

Hopefully episode six helped you be open to listening to each other about planning and finances so you could discuss prioritizing your budget as a couple. This seventh Engaged Encounter podcast is about coping with change. Many things change over the years and those changes can happen in many ways. It is important to learn how to deal with change and be able to communicate your feelings with your life-partner.



Podcast 8: Intimacy

Hope is an important part of coping with change, and we covered that topic in the seventh podcast. The eighth podcast covers the topic of intimacy, which is vital to your marriage relationship. Intimacy is more than sex, and can be experienced in every aspect of your relationship. Your sexual relationship is only a part of your total marriage relationship.

You will be using worksheet 8.3 as part of this episode. If you haven’t already downloaded it, please do so.




Podcast 9: Your Engagement Promise

Thank you for listening to the first eight podcasts in this Engaged Encounter series. The eighth podcast was about intimacy and how important it is to our marriage relationship. This ninth episode will look at the important preparation needed for entering the covenant of marriage. You will write your engagement promise to each other as part of this episode’s activities.




Podcast 10: Healing in Marriage

Congratulations! You made it to the tenth and final Engaged Encounter podcast. We hope you enjoyed writing and exchanging your Engagement Promises with each other after the last episode. This last podcast is about healing in marriage, and we will focus on showing how our awareness of ourselves and our sensitivity to each other has grown during this podcast series and your times of sharing together. Your relationship can bring healing into your daily lives, just as Jesus brought God’s love and healing into our world. May this last podcast bind you together in perfect harmony and let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.


Links to the podcasts are above, but if you want more details about the series, read on …

In this Engaged Encounter podcast series there are 10 presentations, each ranging from 10 to 30 minutes long. (You will find a schedule of episodes, their topic and the timing at the bottom of this page.) The first nine sessions include a “worksheet” that outlines the subjects that will be covered. In some cases, a survey is included to help you compare opinions and share with each other. You can download each worksheet separately with the podcast, or you can download them all here.

After each of you has listened to the podcast — either together or separately — you will write a reflection and share it with your fiancé. There is a page at the end of each worksheet where you can write, or you can use your own journal, notebook or digital device. You’ll find that there are one or more questions listed to respond to, then exchange with each other, read and discuss.

As has been previously mentioned, it would be most helpful to listen to the podcasts in order from beginning to end in order to get the most out of the experience. You are welcome to listen to them and discuss with each other at your own pace.

Our hope is that you will grow in your relationship as you get to know each other better, while listening and participating in this Engaged Encounter podcast series.

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Engaged Encounter Podcast Episode Outline


Title Audio Minutes Survey Minutes

Reflection & Discussion Minutes


Intro/Beginning our journey





Decision to Love












Family and Friends




Planning and Finance





Coping with Change









Our Engagement Promise




Healing in Marriage



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