Building on the foundation of the first five podcasts, including the last podcast that reminded us how relationships with our family and friends will change as your wedding day approaches, the sixth episode deals with planning and finances as a couple. This important podcast helps you consider how you can work together to prioritize and decide what is important to both of you. You will need to use worksheet 6.3 during this podcast. If you haven’t already downloaded it, please take a moment to do so now. We encourage you to be open to each other’s thoughts and feelings on this topic and to listen carefully to this podcast.




Written by : Rhonda Walinga

Rhonda and her husband are part of the marriage ministry at their church and have been presenting Marriage Encounter experiences since 1994. They live on a small acreage in eastern Nebraska and have two dogs and a cat. For fun, Rhonda likes to ride a tandem bicycle with her husband, read and watch TV.

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