Lifting one another up after attending a Marriage Encounter experience

Lifting one another up after attending a Marriage Encounter experience is so important. Here are some resources to use when coming together after attending a weekend, an in-person multi-week experience or online course to keep the support for your relationship going.

Gary Chapman’s “5 Love Languages” Materials

5 Love Languages Study Guide
5 Love Languages Summary
5 Love Languages Profile/Survey

(Husband and Wife)

How to Speak the 5 Love Languages Chart
Speaking a Love Languages in Dialogue

Following are materials to help you offer a “5 Love Languages” class, including a workbook, a setup document, timeline options and even presentation outlines for each Session.

Setup (Word document download)

Fri-Sat Timeline (Word document download)

Sat-Sun Timeline (Word document download)

All Day Sat Timeline (Word document download)

ME Version of 5 Love Languages Workbook (Word document download)

Session 1 (Word document download)

Session 2  (Word document download)

Session 3  (Word document download)

Session 4  (Word document download)

Session 5  (Word document download)

Session 6  (Word document download)

Session 7  (Word document download)

Session 8  (Word document download)

Session 9  (Word document download)

Other Flame Resources

Love Circle Program

10 Six-Session Series for Love Circles

Aldonza Dulcinea/Impossible Dream Flame Sharing
Post-Encounter Resource

Flame How-To Directions and 200+ Flame Presentations

Post-Encounter Programs

Series of Flame Presentations for Newly Encounter Couples

Marriage Resources & Ideas