Congratulations! If you’re looking for resources, you’ve possibly already attended a Marriage Encounter experience and you’re looking for ways to further enhance your relationship. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place!

If you have attended a Marriage Encounter experience, please look under the “opportunities to grow” in the top navigation for all the “Past Attendees” resources, which include dialogue questions and Flame/Sharing Community information.

Gary Chapman’s “5 Love Languages” Materials

5 Love Languages Study Guide
5 Love Languages Summary
5 Love Languages Profile/Survey

(Husband and Wife)

How to Speak the 5 Love Languages Chart
Speaking a Love Languages in Dialogue

Following are materials to help you offer a “5 Love Languages” class, including a workbook, a setup document, timeline options and even presentation outlines for each Session.

Setup (Word document download)

Fri-Sat Timeline (Word document download)

Sat-Sun Timeline (Word document download)

All Day Sat Timeline (Word document download)

ME Version of 5 Love Languages Workbook (Word document download)

Session 1 (Word document download)

Session 2  (Word document download)

Session 3  (Word document download)

Session 4  (Word document download)

Session 5  (Word document download)

Session 6  (Word document download)

Session 7  (Word document download)

Session 8  (Word document download)

Session 9  (Word document download)

Christian Marriage Websites

Links to other Marriage Sites

Mark Merrill’s Blog, President, Family First

National Marriage Week USA

Retrouvaille (for troubled marriages)

Simple Marriage Blog

World Marriage Day

Date Night Ideas

Discover 104 different ideas — 2 years of one date a week!

View PDF with List

Discussion Starters

Family Dialogue
Scripture Dialogue
Chat Pack

(PDF – a list of questions to encourage conversation with your spouse)

How to Fight Fair

Download this “Guidelines for Productive Confrontation” PDF, and keep these tips in mind the next time you have a disagreement with your spouse.

Download PDF

List of Marriage Studies

View PDF with List

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