When our son got married, I wanted to share words of wisdom with him about the hard work it takes to build a strong marriage.

As I pondered what to tell him, I settled on sharing something that I learned on my first Marriage Encounter experience: TO LOVE IS A DECISION!

How to Overlook the Toothpaste

Throughout married life, we all experience bumps — or sometimes potholes — in the road. Some people give up on their marriage. Knowing that “to love is a decision,” has helped me overlook small challenges, like Kathy squishing the toothpaste tube every day. (I choose to love her with that small challenge.) Even when she resorts to the silent treatment, I choose to love her.

Make the Decision

I knew that the idea of deciding to love unconditionally was an important key to share with my son, Joe. To love unconditionally is a decision that is made every day.

When have you chosen to love rather than dwell on the pothole or little bump in the road?

Written by : Dean and Kathy Thompson

Dean and Kathy Thompson were married in their early twenties. They made a promise to love and cherish each other. Over the years, they have worked to keep that promise. Attending a Marriage Encounter Experience had a big impact on helping them do that. But they haven’t just attended one experience — they’ve attended several!

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